Raw Feelings

So I had grand plans that the next time I wrote here I would be turning this into a fully fledged blog with ambition and appeal, but instead I am having one of those uncontrollable days where things end up a bit disarrayed. It is difficult to know where to start but I think if... Continue Reading →


The Matrix

Have you ever heard the theory that the Matrix is real? There are many theories forming all around the world right now to suggest this very thing. I am sure it is more than most people's minds can comprehend. Contemplate the idea of every little thing around you being absolutely nothing, of the idea of... Continue Reading →

The war on drugs

This is a subject that I have found is incredibly emotive, it usually provokes a strong reaction in those I speak to. It is a subject full of passion and ignorance, a subject on which most have an opinion but few get close to the truth. The war on drugs, to me, is a war... Continue Reading →

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